Manage water, sewer, stormwater, rainfall, and surface water data in one place with the most advanced water analytic tools available on the web.

Web-based. Lightning fast. Secure data transfers. Unlimited users.

H2Ometrics Overview
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Perform engineering analysis and track system performance with powerful visualization tools.

A robust data viewer and customizable dashboard that are fast and easy to use to access all your data in the cloud.

Perform engineering analysis and generate summaries of metrics for tracking system performance over time.

H2Ometrics fundamentally changes the way that your team interacts with your water data leading to new discoveries and new levels of system understanding.


Fast access to your data in the cloud — no more waiting for data to transfer.

Optimized for speed and custom built for water analytics, H2Ometrics handles the workflow demands of the user. The software stays out of your way, so you can focus on your data, system performance, and analyses.

H2Ometrics runs in the cloud—it can be accessed in seconds from any computer, without complex software to install or finicky databases to configure.

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Provide access to your entire team at no additional charge to you or your users.

H2Ometrics is licensed by the data feed and includes unlimited users and access. You pay for the feed, and then can provide unlimited access to the software and data, for all of your employees, consultants and contractors.


Transfer your data with the highest level of data security in use on the web today.

H2Ometrics uses 256-bit encrypted SSL (https) to transmit data between our servers and your computer. This is the same level of security that is used for online banking and financial transactions, so you know that your data will be secure.


Create trends and predictive simulations of your system to explore its behavior.


Cloud-based access creates a shared work space for your entire team.


Accurately edit your data with advanced time series projection techniques.


Receive automated smart alerts when something has occured in your system.