Web-based.  Lightning fast.  Secure data transfers.

Collaborative Water Data Analytics

Manage water, sewer, stormwater, rainfall, and surface water data in one place with the most advanced water analytic tools available on the web.

H2Ometrics tool screen shot of time-series measurement

Get More From Your Data

You already collect mountains of data from meters, sensors and devices in your water and sewer systems. H2Ometrics takes that data and stores it in the cloud, so you can visualize, collaborate, monitor your system and more.

H2Ometrics works with any time-series measurement: flow, depth, level, pressure, temperature, rainfall, chemical concentrations.

interior of sewer line with flow meter

Sewer Data

Sanitary sewer flow data from meters, flumes and pump stations.

water towers

Water Data

Water system data master meters, tanks, booster stations, treatment plans, PRVs.

rainfall meter

Climatological Data

Data from weather stations for rainfall, air temperature and other measurements.

“Our customers have direct access to all of the data for their community. They just pick the data and time period they want to look at and there it is. They can see usage trends or track down a potential problem right away.”

- Tim Prince, Oakland County

H2Ometrics fundamentally changes the way that your team interacts with your water data leading to new discoveries and new levels of system understanding.

Data Visualization & Metrics

Perform engineering analysis and track system performance with powerful visualization tools.

A robust data viewer and customizable dashboard that are fast and easy to use to access all your data in the cloud.

Perform engineering analysis and generate summaries of metrics for tracking system performance over time.

Predictive Models

Predictive Models

Predictive Models

Create trends and predictive simulations of your system to explore its behavior.

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Receive automated smart alerts when something has occurred in your system.

Intelligent Edits

Intelligent Edits

Intelligent Edits

Accurately edit your data with advanced time series projection techniques.

“As an engineer who’s worked with flow metering data throughout my 40-year career, I appreciate how the H2Ometrics tool manipulates the data quickly and effortlessly. It’s clear that H2Ometrics was developed by people who had used the existing clunky tools and knew there had to be a better way – so they created it.

- Vyto Kaunelis, OHM Advisors

Multiple Users

Provide access to your entire team to a shared data repository for your project.

H2Ometrics is licensed by the data feed and for most projects includes access for your entire team. You pay for the data feed, and then can provide access to the software and data, for all of your employees, consultants and contractors. (Projects with more than 10 users may encounter additional charges for more users.)
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Cloud-based access creates a shared work space for your entire team.

Having access to all of your data in the cloud with unlimited users creates a collaborative work space where you and your team can share data, observations, analyses and work product.
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Lightning Fast Access

Fast access to your data in the cloud – no more waiting for data to transfer.

Lightning Fast Access

Perform visualizations, metrics, and analysis, in real time.

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Data Security

Transfer your data with the highest level of security in use on the web today.


H2Ometrics uses 256-bit encrypted SSL (https) to transmit data between our servers and your computer. This is the same level of security that is used for online banking and financial transactions, so you know that your data will be secure.

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“Using H2Ometrics made it very easy to identify the problems in the collection system. We were able to look at a lot of data simultaneously and make comparisons.”

- Rhonda Harris, Engineer with a national consulting firm working with Franklin County, Ohio