Antecedent Moisture Model Videos

Tutorial Videos on the H2Ometrics Antecedent Moisture Model

  • AMM Overview – Presents an overview of the Antecedent Moisture Model.

  • Diurnal Dynamic Model – Filter to separate the diurnal pattern from the I&I and GWI flow.

  • Computing the I/I Flow – Subtracting the diurnal pattern from the total flow to generate the I&I and GWI flow.

  • Linear Model – Introduction to the linear unit hydrograph model used as the base of the AMM.

  • Antecedent Moisture Effects – Overview of how antecedent moisture effects typically effects rainfall-runoff processes.

  • AM Retention Factor – This parameter adjusts the memory of preceding rains and their impact on flows.

  • Temperature Factor – This parameter adjusts the temperature effects on antecedent moisture to model season impacts.

  • Exporting Parameters – Overview of how to export AMM parameters to a CSV file.

  • Settings – Overview of the settings for the AMM.

  • Units – How to change the units of the AMM flow output.

  • Base Flow Model – Overview of the base flow model for constant flow and GWI flow,

  • AOF Metrics – Accuracy of ft metric tools.

  • AOF Plots – Accuracy of fit PDF output plots. 

  • AMM Sums Model – Unified interface for adding model components (base flow, inflow, infiltration), editing models, and viewing AOF metrics.

  • Frequency Analysis Tool – Overview of frequency tools that generates annual maxima series from long term continuous simulations for design.