About Us

We’re out to change the way that utilities professionals manage their systems.

AnnotationsH2Ometrics is a water and sewer monitoring and analytics software, designed for utility professionals and engineers. It’s one of the first tools to harness the power of the web browser, the cloud and mobile technology, making it easy to manage your system collaboratively.

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and number crunching and hello to managing your system, right from your smartphone. Using our advanced technology solutions, water and sewer utilities are able to manage their systems in less time, improve their customer billing, better manage demands to reduce overall costs, and prioritize infrastructure repairs to stretch limited funds, extending the life of the system.

There’s amazing value in the huge amounts of data that utilities and municipalities collect from their systems. H2Ometrics was designed to make that data actionable.

A Little History

Robert Czachorski
Robert Czachorski
Tobin Van Pelt
Tobin Van Pelt

The H2Ometrics collaboration was sparked at the University of Michigan in the mid-1990s. Roommates Robert Czachorski and Tobin Van Pelt bonded over track and engineering. Several years later, these scholar athletes joined the workforce – Robert as a civil engineer and Tobin as an aerospace engineer.

They developed the foundation of H2Ometrics together – an idea that used concepts from aerospace technology to solve infrastructure challenges.  Their first software product saved Michigan’s Wayne County $175 million.

After winning a 2011 Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition Information Technology prize, the company developed H2Ometrics to help communities monitor their water usage and alert officials to water main breaks in real time.


At H2Ometrics, our customers are water resources industry professionals – the people who run our municipal water systems and sanitary sewer systems, as well as the consulting engineers who analyze these systems. Our challenge is to turn data into actionable information for more efficient utility operations, water savings, better service and cost savings, which ultimately impacts all of us, as customers.

We are a small but growing team of software developers, pioneering data management and visualization tools for municipal utilities and engineering consultants.

We’re constantly seeking ambitious problem-solvers to build and enhance this technology. If you love a challenge, want to tackle important problems and thrive in an innovative, learning environment, we want to hear from you.