Ann Arbor, Michigan – H2Ometrics, a collaborative water analytics company that helps utilities harness the power of big data to manage their systems more efficiently, today announced that Oakland County, Michigan is using the platform for its sanitary sewer collection system.

Oakland County provides sanitary sewage disposal services to 25 member communities, serving nearly 700,000 people. The County will use the H2Ometrics data analytics platform for wholesale billing and system operations.

Robert Czachorski, PE, CEO and co-founder of H2Ometrics, says recent technological advances like cloud computing and rich graphics capabilities in the web browser allow tools like his to quickly process large volumes of data over the web, providing analytics that operators can use to track usage and determine their system’s condition.

“Big data holds so much value for system operators, but most of the time, it’s trapped in spreadsheets, with no way to extract the right information to make timely decisions. The advances in technology make it possible to know minute-by- minute what’s happening in your system and to spot trends over time,” says Czachorski.

H2Ometrics collects data from embedded sensors in water and sanitary sewer to measure flow. Oakland County uses the flow measurements in billing customer communities. Reviewing and analyzing data from Oakland County’s more than 240 devices – flow meters and rain gauges – over a period of 20+ years created more than a billion data points.

Following a successful pilot, the County authorized a 5-year subscription with H2Ometrics, with the option to extend for an additional five years.

Tim Prince manages the operations and maintenance of sewage disposal systems, water systems and sewer retention treatment facilities for Oakland County. “The County is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and transparency. Now, our customers have direct access to all of the data for their community. They can see monthly flow rates, usage trends or track down a potential problem right away with real time alerts.”

Robert Czachorski, PE, H2Ometrics
(734-635- 5398): Robert at H2Ometrics dot com

About H2Ometrics
H2Ometrics is a collaborative water analytics software to manage water, sewer, stormwater, rainfall and surface water data. Communities use H2Ometrics to monitor water usage and system conditions in real-time, saving money, time and energy.