H2Ometrics uses several standard units for measuring flow, depth, velocity, pressure, temperature and volume. I thought I would share the conversions between the units in this post. The conversion table at the bottom of this post is a good reference on converting common units in general, so feel free to download and use it.

Standard Units Conversion Table – Free PDF

Here is a link to download the PDF.

Also, we are adding new sensors types and application to H2Ometrics all the time, so if you have an application with a measurement or units not shown, just contact us and we can incorporate a new units type for your application. Here is a list of the standard units and their abbreviations:


  • cfs – cubic feet per second
  • MGD – millions of gallons per day
  • gpm – gallons per minute
  • cms – cubic meters per second
  • lps – liters per second


  • ft – feet
  • in – inches
  • m – meters
  • cm – centimeters


  • ft/s – feet per second
  • m/s – meters per second


  • psi – pounds per square feet
  • head (ft) – pressure head in feet of water
  • Pa – Pascals


  • F – Fahrenheit
  • C – Celsius


  • kcf – thousands of cubic feet
  • cf – cubic feet
  • gal – gallons
  • MG – millions of gallons
  • CM – cubic meters
  • l – liters

Units Conversion Table – Download PDF Here


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