Your data, smarter

Data Visualization

Seeing is understanding.

When you have hundreds of thousands of data points on a spreadsheet, it can be hard to see the big picture. That’s why H2Ometrics is packed with powerful visualization tools. We make it fast and easy to see exactly what’s happening in your system.


  • A robust data viewer and customizable dashboard to access all your data in the cloud.
  • Perform engineering analysis and generate summaries of metrics for tracking system performance over time.

“H2Ometrics made it very easy to identify the problems in the collection system. We were able to look at a lot of data simultaneously – which is not as easy with spreadsheets – and make comparisons.”

- Rhonda Harris, principal engineer at a national consulting firm

Fast Access

H2Ometrics makes it easy to get the data you need to monitor your system’s performance.

Municipalities and utilities are generating thousands, millions and even billions of points of water and sewer data. Traditional software tools are slow and clunky. It might take minutes just to see the data on your screen.

Now, we’ve harnessed the cloud to store all of that data, along with powerful browsers to perform the visualizations, metrics, and analysis, lightning fast.

Multiple Users

Because everything is on the web, you, for most projects your team and your customers can access it anywhere at no additional cost. (Projects with more than 10 users may encounter additional charges.)

“Before H2Ometrics, it was a challenge to make all our data readily available to our 25 customer communities. Answering one question could take hours. Now, our customers have direct access to all of the data for their community. They just pick the data and period they want to look at and there it is. They can see usage trends or track down a potential problem right away.”

- Tim Prince, Oakland County, MI

Data Security

“We access the data as one-way, read only. We never get access to the control layer, so it’s impossible for us to affect the utility controls. We use the same encryption used for on-line banking or credit card transactions to encrypt the data in the browser.”

- Robert Czachorski, co-founder of H2Ometrics

Security is a major issue for government entities as well as the private sector. H2O metrics uses 256-bit encrypted SSL (https) to transmit data between our servers and your computer – the same level of security used in online banking.

Customers can access their data — and only their own data — securely from anywhere.

Smart Alerts

Receive automated smart alerts when something has occurred in your system. Here are some of the smart alert features our customers love and use daily:

  • Daily Status Summary – Every morning, get a summary of how your system performed the day before.
  • Triggered Alert – Get a notification when your flows exceed a set threshold. (Great for managing incentive-based contracts.)
  • Mobile Plot – View a graph of the flow for the day to see what’s going on and determine if action is needed.


Create a shared workspace in the cloud for your entire team. No need for per-seat licenses that can quickly escalate costs. With H2Ometrics, you can give access to your team and your customers, at no additional charge.

“It’s a paradigm shift when you get the data in the cloud. You now have access to the data, not by just one computer, one person who has the software on one machine; instead, everyone has access to it from home, from work, from anywhere. You can give access to your vendors, your engineers, all of your staff.”

- Tobin Van Pelt, co-founder of H2Ometrics

Predictive Models

Create trends and predictive simulations of your system to explore its behavior. Use H2Ometrics to forecast probabilities and trends:

  • Will the next 100-year storm cause surcharging in a certain area of the system?
  • Are peak flows trending at a rate that will exceed your community’s contract limits?
  • What is the event return frequency that will have the biggest impact on your system?

Intelligent Edits

“Ultimately it will result in a cost savings”

- Tim Prince, Oakland County, MI

Accurately edit your data with advanced time series projection techniques. Sanitary sewer systems behave differently during dry periods than during wet periods. H2Ometrics has several tools to make dry-weather and wet-weather edits.

For utilities using meter-based billing for their customers, H2Ometrics creates transparency and accuracy, all in much less time.