The City of Los Angeles Sanitation (LASAN) is using H2Ometrics to manage and analyze data from 200 flow meters. Conveying roughly 350 MGD of sewage through a network of 6,700 miles of wastewater pipes to one of four reclamation plants, this system is one of the largest in the country. The continuous monitoring and verification of the flows in this system is vital for LASAN to effectively and safely serve their customers.

H2Ometrics is used to conduct data visualization and review, scatterplot analysis, mass balance checks, and I&I analysis to verify the performance of the gauges and identify issues that require correction. The project included a pilot phase with 15 sites to test the tools in the H2Ometrics software and document standard procedures for performing the QA/QC review. These procedures are now being applied to review the data from the entire gauging network. This review process is being done in several iterative steps, so that gauging issues can be corrected in the field and verified in subsequent QA/QC review iterations.

The H2Ometrics platform was designed to rapidly process large quantities of data and provide contextual tools for sewer data analysis to support engineering functions. Some of the tools include data visualizations, annotations, RDII component breakdown, I&I analysis, editing, trending models, mass flow balance tools, scatter plots, and rainfall IDF tool. The platform makes use of advanced data science and web technologies to load, render and analyze millions of measurements right in the browser, almost instantaneously. Because the tools are in the cloud, the use of H2Ometrics creates a shared, collaborative space for flow meter data review and engineering analysis. The combination of speed, management of large data sets, contextual engineering tools and a shared collaborative space created by H2Ometrics enabled the rapid and detailed QA/QC review and data processing required for the large array of flow and rain gauges for the City of Los Angeles.